Be an exhibitor!

Om os

We are the most popular home exhibitions organizer
in the Nordic countries

Our company was established in 1996. We have approximately 30 employees, and our headquarter is located at Skedsmokorset Akershus county, Norway.

In addition to arranging our own housing exhibitions, we are a total supplier within the exhibition event. We provide all types of equipment and services for trade shows, conventions, conferences and other large and small events.

We hosted our first home exhibition of Kristiansand in 1997. It was a success with well over 10,000 visitors! Since that time we have grown us big, and today we are a nationwide, professional actor. Every year we organize about 20 housing fairs from Tromsø in the north to Kristiansand in the south.

Housing Fair is a public exhibition where both local and national exhibitors buying belay. At the fair offered everything from ceilings, walls, floors and foundation for bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, building materials, electronics and interior. A typical visitor will gladly started with renovation or building of houses, and coming on the show to get inspiration, expert advice and great deals from many suppliers as possible under one roof.

In addition to all Norwegian housing fairs organized our affiliates and subsidiaries similar fairs in Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

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